Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hello friends, I am Ravinder Sharma (Rimpy) from Frainkalan Village-Jind (Haryana). I belongs to computer field. Frainkalan is an important Village of Haryana, is not confined to Frainkalan only, in fact, its coverage is very wide. It covers not only Frainkalan , But the whole of the World. You will find this site highly informative, educative and entertaining. Our updates will make this site more informative.

In this web site you can get the all details of my
Frainkalan village . In this you can know about the history of Frainkalan, religion of Frainkalan, geographical statement, education enviornemt and emographics position Frainkalan .In this web site you can get the railway time table and also get the time table of Frainkalan bus stand. In this you can get the all details of school and collage of Frainkalan.